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All SVNR earrings are sold individually, unless otherwise indicated.  (If you’d like two matching earrings, please choose “PAIR” from the drop-down menu below.)  Our earrings are meant to be mixed and matched with each other, or with earrings you already own.

No one really knows why the Moroccan enclave of Chefchaouech is blue. Some say that the Jewish refugees who settled there in the 1930s chose color to honor God, others say it's an acknowledgement of the nearby Ras el-Maa spring. A third theory says it keeps mosquitoes away. No matter what you believe, a chalky cerulean pigment covers nearly all of the homes in this seaside hamlet, and the city sees to it that the color is maintained, providing paintbrushes to residents after the rainy season has passed and diluted the hue. We acknowleged the slightly mysterious, centuries-old tradition with a brilliant slab of lapis lazuli dangling from our Chefchaouech earring, accented by a single baroque pearl.

Lapis lazuli, pearl. 14K gold-filled post. About 1 3/4 inches long.

Most of our materials are one-of-a-kind, so the individual components of your earring may vary slightly in size and shape.

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